Students who have committed their lives to Christ and want to take the next step in their faith are able to be baptized by a SSM Pastor. There is not an official “Baptism class” for students interested in getting baptized. However, we require that each student meet with a staff member ahead of time to discuss what baptism is all about. 

To Sign up for a Baptism Meeting please CLICK HERE















Impact is SSM’s initiative for student service. It’s not a program or a student leadership team, but a collection of service opportunities for students— at church, in the community, and around the world. We believe God has given each and every student something special to offer to God’s Kingdom, and Impact exists to help them use their unique skills, experiences, and passions to serve people in need. Impact is divided into two parts: Serve In and Serve Out.

serve in






Serve In covers all of the opportunities to serve in SSM and Saddleback Church as a whole. These include: -Sharing your testimony -Being a leader in Saddleback Kids  –Greeting at weekend services  –Playing in the student band -Weekend service set-up and tear-down -Running video and sound at the weekend services -Being a leader in Saddleback Kids-

serve out  

Serve Out covers all the service opportunities outside of the church building, locally and globally. These include:

-Saddleback Food Pantry

-Serving at your school

-PEACE— Local and global mission trips


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