Darren Delin – SSM Pastor

Email – DarrenD@saddleback.com

Instagram – @darrendelin

Twitter: @DDelin

Junior High and High School Students are my people!  I have been involved in Saddleback Student Ministries for the last 10 years and love every single second of what I get to do every day. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Deena Delin, for 6 years and our relationship gets better and better with every day that passes. I have a passion for students but I also love the outdoors, cars, motorcycles as well as making things with my hands. I am so excited that God has called us to SSM Anaheim and I am so excited to so what He has in store for us!


Matt Cho – SSM Pastor

Email – MatthewC@saddleback.com

Instagram – @mattcholibre135

I have been involved in a Youth Ministry at another church in 2013 and I have been involved in Saddleback Student Ministries since 2016. I graduated from Biola University in Spring 2017. I had a lot of struggles with my faith during my Junior High and High School year and because of it, I have a huge heart for High School and Junior High Students. I enjoy the outdoors, video games, comic books, television shows, and movies. I served as the summer Intern in 2016 and I am so thankful to be officially part of the Anaheim staff! I am looking forward to all the things I will learn and all the ways God will use me to bless this ministry!