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Our Current Series is – The Pursuit

We can pursue a lot in this world – money, possessions, status, power, but none of it ever truly satisfies us. During this series we will focus on 3 things; what pursuing Jesus looks like, what pursuing righteousness looks like, and what pursuing faith & love looks like.

When we come to Jesus and choose to follow him, our lives are filled with purpose and meaning and spiritual power and we will experience the best life possible. When we mess up or find ourselves distant from God, He doesn’t tell us to go clean up first and then come to Him, but just to follow Him wholeheartedly. As we focus on Jesus, the other things in this world start to fade away.

What does it mean to be holy? Jesus has set us apart to become more like Him every day. We are already made righteous in God’s eyes through what Jesus has done, now it’s our job to live it out! What is daily living supposed to look like?

What does real love look like? Am I just loving the people in my life that love me? How do I love my enemies? How do I love my family? How can I choose to pursue love in every situation? And what does pursuing faith look like? Most of us set out to be “faithful” but what about being “faith-filled”?


Weekend Information:

Our weekend services exist to shatter the stereotype that church is boring! All junior high and high school students are invited to join us at one of our four services each weekend for an energetic time of fun, laughter, learning, and worshiping God.

We realize that coming into an unfamiliar church environment can be scary and intimidating. If you’re new, we’d love to help you get connected before you show up on the weekend.  Feel free to give one of us an email or a call and let us know you’re coming.

Weekend Service Times: Saturday 6:00 pm / Sunday 9:00 am and 11:00 am
Location: The Warehouse, 2096 East Katella, Anaheim, Ca 92806

  • SSM Anaheim Student Pastor –  Darren Delin
  • DarrenD@saddleback.com or 949.609.8272